Trends in Web Design 2024

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Trends in Web Design 2024

Web design trends are constantly changing. In order to create spectacular sites, the specialist needs to be aware of the relevance of changes in the construction of online sites. This helps in having more customers and a competitive place in the market.

Web Design Styles 2024

The styles in which websites perform this year are varied. For example, brutal grunge or trendy hi-tech. What characteristics can meet the current directions of website creation? Brevity, naturalness, and sometimes non-standard.


It is about the rejection of modern standards of typography, illustration and animation features. Trends of web design in the style of neobrutalism:

  • unconventional color in the background;
  • absence of gradients;
  • active typography of the direction of futurism;
  • pronounced contrasts;
  • dark contour elements;
  • shadows are performed at an angle of 45 °.

Such sites are ideal for companies whose target audience is creative. Taking into account the trends of neobrutalism in web design, Figma and Gumroad web resources are made.

Retro style

Retro direction in the execution of sites also has not lost its appeal. Stylistics emphasizes the aesthetics of the time when the Internet just appeared. It is impossible not to feel nostalgic when looking at unusual icons and screaming cursors.

The main retro web design trends are:

  • 3D text with glitter;
  • a lot of mottled colors, with a bias towards pink;
  • the presence of gradients;
  • there are reflections;
  • large, bold font;
  • images in the gothic style.

Актуальные тренды в дизайне сайтов на 2024 год

Actual elements of website design in 2024

One of the current trends in web design is white space, on which the main offer of the business is clearly visible. Visually, the screen becomes larger. Combine white color can be combined with any other colors, the result from this will only benefit.

Programmers are also recommended to use high-quality photos, which have only one element that shows the idea and concept of the company. This allows you to focus the user’s attention.

The standard block placement is already outdated. Trends web design 2024 – to arrange information on the principle of a broken grid, ie chaotically. This method allows you to fuel the interest of the visitor and support the corporate identity of any brand.

The peculiarity of the execution of the site – carefully thinking through the structure of the web resource. Reading is carried out from left to right. Therefore, important data should be provided on the left side of the screen.

In order not to be disappointed in the result, the creation of website design can be entrusted only to professionals. Company GTRIX offers its services throughout Ukraine.

Among professionals is common to mix geometric shapes and patterns. If they are chosen competently, the composition is attractive. This technique refreshes the design of the web resource, it turns out modern and original.

A kind of novelty in the best trends in the best trends of web design became cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are static images with the addition of partial animation. This new solution helps to create a savory page and tell users about the purpose of the web resource.

Do not forget about the classics. To the gifs attract the attention of users, for this you do not need eloquent descriptions of the company. Familiar photos in 2024 are replaced by unusual graphics. It should be colorful and ultra-bright. Then the elements as if calling visitors to action – to look online site to make sure: it and its products are worth attention.

In some cases helps design sites, where the main background used as a full-size photo. Such an option is suitable for a landing page, business card site or promo.

Looking for an ultra-trendy solution? Add a 3D image.

Colors in web design 2024

The main among the color trends in web site design is experimenting with bright colors. This is especially true when the design is flat. If you don’t know what shades to use, arm yourself with Google palette.

Effective website creation in Ukraine is carried out with the use of unique fonts, which significantly affect the design of the page and improve it. In 2024, turnkey online sites are closer to minimalism. Therefore, one of the solutions is to apply black, white, gray colors and shades. It is good if the buttons are semi-transparent.

Gradient is still considered a relevant solution in terms of colorism. If the background is made in gradient, it adds freshness and uniqueness to the online site.

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