How to choose a web studio for website development in Ukraine

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How to choose a web studio for website development in Ukraine

IT industry is one of the most developing in the world. In Ukraine there are competent specialists who unite to create web studios. How to choose a website developer, quality and with a complex structure? Find a web studio with responsible and experienced programmers can be based on the portfolio.

Web studio in Kiev GTRIX offers its services to create an online project, successfully presenting the business, selling the product. The company employs professionals with relevant education and skills. Our employees do not stop developing in the IT-sphere and are aware of the latest trends.

Web studio website and portfolio

Without exception, all web studios claim that they can develop a website. However, the web resource comes in different structures. The customer will have to answer the questions, what tasks the online project should solve, what functions are needed to manage the online business. It is also important to understand whether you can do with a template design or need a unique one.

Each web studio has its own website, with the help of which the advantages are told. Here are also presented the works of employees. Thinking about the question of how to choose a contractor to create a website, study the site of the IT company. The site should attract attention with an original, not too bright design. Also convenient navigation should be. Pay attention to whether there are all the important sections in the menu.

Experienced programmers know how to make even the most complex site loaded quickly. How long does it take to load a company’s web resource?

How to choose a web studio to fulfill the order? Portfolio will tell more about the performer than he himself about himself. Follow the links, see what sites have already created the company.

It is important to ask about the process of ordering the development of sites. The fact that the client decided to order an online site, ideally should be confirmed by the conclusion of the contract.

In the agreement prescribe the rights and obligations of the parties to the transaction. For example, by what date the programmers must hand over the finished project, what tasks the resource should solve. If the performer has not coped with his obligations, what responsibility he bears.

Call the phone number listed on the company’s website. How to find a highly qualified website developer? To communicate with him. If the manager talks to you, pay attention to how he answers your questions, how patiently he explains the points that are unclear to you. Communication should be lively. If it is reluctant, you can assume that cooperation will be slow and sluggish.

Как выбрать веб-студию для создания сайта

Technical features

The online platform can be written from scratch or on the basis of a template and an existing engine. The customer will have to interact with the project manager, whose task is to help come up with the structure of the web resource and correctly compose the TOR for the programmers. If you need to connect the payment system, the client in advance clarifies whether the staff of the web studio can offer the creation of sites in Ukraine with such technical features.

It happens that the customer needs a business card site. Then it is suitable to cooperate with the company-beginners, whose specialists know how to work with templates. The advantages of using template platforms:

  • prompt fulfillment of the order;
  • relatively simple work with ready-made templates;
  • it is possible to change some elements;
  • intuitive administrator panel.

The minus of using template platforms – low security. If desired, the site can be hacked by fraudsters. Want to secure the web resource to the maximum? Thinking about how you can choose a contractor for the development of the site? Then it is worth turning to specialists who write the site online “from scratch”, while using modern frameworks.

Also template sites will not be suitable if you need to write a project in the colors of the business, matching the style of the logo. The possibilities of templates are limited. You will not get non-standard functionality.

Selecting serious professionals to perform the work, ask whether the employees provide further support for the online project. After all, a complex site the client will not be able to independently administer.

That is, to choose a developer of his site, the customer first needs to determine what qualifications of programmers he will need. After that, you should study the site of the IT-company, what it can offer the client. Consult with managers, read customer reviews, specify the cost of the service and the question of how to choose a web studio to develop your site will go away by itself.

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