Website redesign – why do you need it?

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Website redesign – why do you need it?

When you go to a website, the first thing a visitor pays attention to is the design of the web resource. Up-to-date design strengthens the brand, contributes to increased sales and causes customers to trust the product.

Why change the design of the site? Redesign is relevant if the web resource no longer fulfills its functions. Following the fall in sales, income decreases. Reasons for this may be outdated design or if it is initially made by non-professionals.

Creating a website design updated offer specialists company GTRIX. The service is provided at a reasonable price.

Reasons for updating the design of the online project

As already mentioned, one of the reasons why you need to update the design of the site – outdated design. Every day there are new trends in web design, the implementation of which makes the web resource convenient for users. Redesign should be carried out every 2-3 years, at most once every five years.

Note: when the site is more than 5 years old, it may not display correctly on different types of gadgets, especially smartphones. Try the display of the online project technique with different diagonal. If the display is incorrect, it is worth contacting the specialists of web studio GTRIX with a technical task to perform the design of the site.

Updating is also recommended in the presence of technical errors. Helps optimization and for effective promotion of the site. The fact that the design of your site is outdated is indicated by poor analytical values. A drop in conversion means: visitors have lost interest in the online project. You need to think about its design, possibly updating the content.

If the company plans to change its marketing strategy, offers new product lines, modernizes products, it is absolutely necessary to update the web resource. In addition to rebranding is recommended to conduct a complete redesign.

If the site was created with the help of a constructor, it is not always convenient to use. Everything is so complicated that users do not know how to buy a product or subscribe to company news. As a result, they go to competitors.

Each sphere has its own “chips”, with the help of which the company presents the product, tells how it can be ordered. The task of the entrepreneur is to hire programmers who will make the online platform more functional than the resources of competitors. Such experts work in our web studio.

Что такое редизайн сайта и зачем он нужен

What is included in the redesign

What is redesign, entrepreneurs are interested in. This is a set of actions that change the appearance of the online platform, increase its functionality. Depending on the customer’s wishes, redesign can include.

  1. Execution of a new logo. Allows you to remove an outdated logo that is inconvenient to use.
  2. Changing the color scheme. The fonts and basic shades of the website should match the business. Modern chips are also implemented.
  3. GTRIX web studio offers to change the content on the website. By getting rid of unnecessary content, irrelevant sections, you can speed up the opening of pages. This is one of the advantages of redesigning any site. If necessary, low-quality pictures are replaced with high-quality ones. To increase conversion is recommended to update the texts.
  4. Use of animated elements. Attract attention and create a sense of interaction.
  5. Working out the code.
  6. Replacing the old menu, navigation. The current trend is the use of filters.

On what depends on the cost of redesign

Website development costs differently, depending on the complexity of the work and the urgency of the order. The faster you need to hand over the finished site, the higher the price. The cost of redesign of any site is determined by the number of specialists involved in the work and their qualifications.

Stages of effective site redesign

Where to start the redesign of the site, know the specialists of our web studio. Experts specialize in the creation of sites, their promotion and updating. You can order a redesign, located in Ukraine.

Stages, which consists of redesign online project.

  1. Conversation with the customer and fixing his ideas. Specialists make a plan for themselves, what should be in the end web resource. Based on the collected data analyze the competitive environment, potential customers and build tasks that need to be solved.
  2. Development of TOR, including the addition of new features, thanks to which the site is convenient to use.
  3. Creating a new layout while maintaining the structure of the online project.
  4. Design is brought to life.
  5. Programming. Programmers correct the code, optimize the site. After that, the pages open faster.
  6. Carrying out testing. Checking how workable the new design, the comfort of using the site. If there are errors and inaccuracies, specialists make corrections.
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