What is the cost of creating a website in Ukraine in 2024

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What is the cost of creating a website in Ukraine in 2024

To determine how much it costs to create a website, it is important to consider many factors. These include the size, structure of the online project, design features and other criteria.

The site is developed in stages. To perform each step, you need to spend effort and time. A separate specialist works on each stage. From the number of experts involved, the deadline for delivery of the order depends on how much it costs to make a site in Kiev and other regions.

The price of design development or the work of a technical programmer is estimated at $ 50 per 1 h. If we talk about the price of creating a site, the average figure is 40 thousand dollars.

Formation of the strategy of the web resource

To make the site was productive and profitable, the creation of sites begins with the study of competitors, identifying potential customers and compiling the UTP. Only this approach allows you to get a good result – high profit.

The strategy of the site is made by a team of specialists in order to solve the following problems:

  • understanding what business goals should be achieved;
  • formation of a unique selling proposition for the target audience of the business;
  • elaboration of SEO;
  • thinking through the sketches, the concept of development of the online site;
  • plan, how to promote the web resource, what are the most effective options for promotion in this particular case.

After working out the strategy in the creation of sites in Kiev and other regions comes the creative stage. It is about the development of the designer agency prototype of the future site. The specialist takes into account the wishes of the client and TOR, created by programmers. His tasks – to determine the corporate colors and show the concept of the enterprise.

The cost of creating a site in Ukraine in 2024 at this stage starts from 2.8 thousand dollars. To develop the strategy of the online site, specialists need from 7 working days.


Competent design of the online platform helps the entrepreneur to gain the trust of the user, to cause trust and sympathy. First, the expert creates a framework, where and in what sequence the elements of the online site will be located.

If the customer has approved the framework, the designer forms a user-friendly interface for visitors. Now the customer understands what is a ready-made web resource. The price for a high-quality design, taking into account trends, is close to 2.5-10 thousand dollars.

Какая стоимость разработки сайта в 2024 году

Technical creation of the site

When the development of sites comes to the technical stage, specialists realize what the designer drew. All buttons should be active, and fields and blocks clickable. What are the goals of the programmers?

  1. The site should be easy to open in any browser.
  2. Be adaptive for screens of any gadgets.
  3. All functions should work.

Turnkey order a site in Ukraine can be with testing functionality. These are engaged in testers. They look for errors and analyze the convenience of the interface for the user.

How much it costs in 2024 to develop a site from scratch, determine the number of pages, whether there is animation, functionality, capabilities of the web resource. At the stage of technical design of the online site is spent up to 600 hours. The work of specialists is estimated at 1.8-15 thousand dollars.

Back-End development

Responsible for the transfer of information to the server. It also involves combining with other services, customizing non-traditional data processing. We are talking about audio and video files.

At this stage, the cost of creating a client’s site from scratch in 2024 reaches 4-25 thousand dollars.

Developing an admin panel

The presence of an administrative panel allows the owner to independently add and delete products, change the description. Template CMS are suitable for this purpose, but they are less secure and have limitations in functionality.

Wide opportunities for the owner gives the development of specialists separate administrative panel. Especially this option will be useful to owners of several web resources.

The cost of developing a client’s site in 2024, namely the creation of the administrative panel reaches values of 3-9 thousand dollars.

The cost of services of specialists of the web studio GTRIX depends on what tasks are facing the experts and what is needed for their realization. So how much does it cost to make a website in 2024 from professionals? From 11 to 62 thousand dollars.

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