Stages of site development

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Stages of site development

In today’s digital world, a web resource is an important component of a successful online presence. Creating a website from scratch requires a lot of work. GTRIX web studio offers to make a quality online project. Realize a successful product can be, carefully thinking through the stages of site development. It is important to make a plan of action and adhere to it.

Making a concept and laying down the functions

The type of web resource determines the goal to be achieved. For example, you should present the company on the Internet, sell a product or service, promote the business on the Internet, using the site as an advertisement. From this changes the visual and structure of the project.

The main types of sites

Landing Page. The resource includes one page, which contains information about the company. The development of Landing Page is effective for similar products, an ideal option for quick sales or presentation of a certain product.

Corporate Websites. A multi-page project with a deep internal structure. Development site of this type will be the right solution for companies with remote branches.

Online store. The site has a complex structure, there is necessarily present catalog, purchase page, contacts. At the request of the customer when creating an online store specialists can provide additional options – search, filter by category, page with promotions, reviews, etc.

Этапы создания сайта

How the site is developed

To perform a web project of any type requires significant labor, financial investment and time. All stages and phases of website development are carried out by specialists of a certain profile.


The process of developing a website involves conducting a niche analysis at the initial stage. Initially it is necessary to collect data on what the enterprise is engaged in, to determine the target audience, to study the main competitors. The information obtained allows you to identify what product customers want to see, and develop a strategy for the development of online services.

What is the purpose of creating a website

Based on the results of the analysis, specialists make goals. With the help of one project, the entrepreneur is engaged in sales. The other informs customers. The customer should clearly formulate what kind of result he needs. Based on this information, the webmaster proceeds to the remaining stages of creating the site.

Compilation of the terms of reference

Terms of reference for the development of the site is a document in which the project is painted in detail:

  • external component;
  • semantic core;
  • how many pages and categories are included in the site;
  • functionality – standard set or with the development of additional options;
  • applied technologies;
  • technical requirements for the project.

Without drafting the terms of reference, specialists could not achieve the desired result. When the document is agreed with the customer, the team of experts begins to implement the project.

Designing and prototyping

Based on the drafted terms of reference, the designer begins to create a prototype of the site. For convenient use of the resource, experts develop an intuitive interface. The finished prototype reflects the structure of the site, here you can see the fields and blocks. Navigation and search of a well-designed site is easy to use.

Work on the design layout

Web site development at the stage of design layout is responsible for the visual component of the project. The designer takes into account the corporate style, describes the logo. From his work depends on whether the service will be unique, how much it will reflect the concept of the company. The layout is passed to the customer for approval.


Site layout begins after the approval of the design of the project. The task of specialists is to ensure that the site opens correctly on all types of mobile devices and screens.

How to customize the basic modules

Programming the site is an important stage. After all, the webmaster will have to provide the agreed options and functionality of the project. GTRIX expert develops and implements the functions specified in the specification, customizes modules. As a result, the buttons should be responsive and active.

The expert also optimizes data, takes measures for fast loading of pages. If errors are found, eliminates them.

Filling the web project

Then the expert optimizes the data according to basic criteria and works with content. The webmaster creates the laid structure, carefully working out each page, introduces commercial modules.

When the work is completed, it remains to place the content. The text should be unique, for ease of reading a convenient font is selected. The customer can provide photos, images and videos. The specialist digitizes all the material, editing if necessary.

Why test online service

To hand over the site to the customer in the best form, the completed online resource, before launching, tested on a special site. The server determines the following indicators:

  • with what speed the pages are loaded;
  • how accurately work the main functions;
  • whether there are errors.

When the test is passed successfully, the site is transferred to the hosting company and attached to the domain. The customer is given all the necessary documentation, thanks to which he can manage the web project.

Creating an online service – it is a complex process, on which works a vast staff of qualified professionals. On the quality of performance of each stage depends on the result that we get in the end.

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