Site security, protection from hacks and attacks

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Site security, protection from hacks and attacks

Website hacking is a problem that private companies and public large enterprises can face. Hackers do everything to gain access to other people’s data. Site security involves measures that prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the online platform.

If the developer has competently planned protection, hackers will not be able to take possession of financial resources, get confidential information, in general, to become the cause of failure of the web resource. To ensure the safety of the web site are able to experts in our web studio. Programmers have the necessary qualifications and experience in building site protection from attacks.

Varieties of hacks and their consequences

If the site is deprived of quality protection, it can be hacked. Commonly encountered varieties of hacks are:

  • attack;
  • the system is infected with a virus or malicious code;
  • hacking.

A web resource is never hacked just like that. Always crooks want to extract some kind of benefit.

The consequences of infecting a website with a virus.

  1. When visiting an online service, users are redirected to another resource.
  2. The site is closed to search engines. Owners lose customers, from which profits fall.
  3. Due to hacking, the output shows a mark on the site that the transition to it is not safe. People try not to go to such a site, goods are not sold.
  4. Viruses can spread to users’ PCs with unpleasant consequences.
  5. The owner of the web resource loses the ability to manage and control the service.

When there is no site protection, when infected with a “trojan”, the hacker can manage funds. Passwords and other data are available to him. The virus is well camouflaged, it is difficult to identify. In the time that the owner spends to detect the problem, you can lose a lot of money.

How a site can become infected with a virus

A virus is introduced into the system in the following ways:

  • virus-infected templates or plugins were used during the development of the site;
  • advertising from an unverified source is distributed on the web resource;
  • a hacker has learned the login and password;
  • infected content distributed by those who are subscribed and authorized on the online project.

If you want your website creation to be safe, turn to GTRIX specialists for help. Programmers work all over Ukraine.

How to protect your website

In order not to have to fight with viruses and attacks on the web resource for a long time, it is better to initially ensure proper security of websites. You can do this in many ways.

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Using reliable software

Reliable software is a management system in which there are no vulnerabilities. After all, it is such weaknesses that allow a hacker to get hold of files, data, administrator panel. To exclude vulnerability, the developer should take into account the attempt to hack the online platform at the stage of site development.

When ready-made software is used, it is mandatory to update it when each improved version is released. Also, the weaknesses of the online service help to determine special scanners and utilities.

Encryption of communications

It does not hurt to think about encrypting communications with business partners. Payment card data should be encrypted. Sometimes encryption of e-mails is used. Important information should not be sent to anyone by text over the Internet. After all, then your data may be at risk.

Choice of hosting

Shared hosting assumes responsibility for the protection of your site from hacking by the administrator. Dedicated hosting places this responsibility on the owner of the online project.

It is advisable that the server dictates strict rules of cooperation. This ensures that the site is protected from most hacking attacks. Therefore, it is recommended to choose dedicated hosting.

The best provider is considered to be the one that guarantees periodic backups and network monitoring.

Authentication of customers’ payment cards

Trust but verify. In order not to doubt the decency of the client, it is recommended to connect address verification. Also, embed in the system a request for customers to enter a verification code that allows you to determine the authenticity of the payment card for all transactions without exception.

When processing card data, apply a channel with a cipher. This will help to avoid the situation of reading the information by servers.

Application of plugins for protection and effective antivirus

To ensure that data is not lost, it is important to install reliable plugins. Specialists know which software allows you to track the actions of the visitor, provide protection from spam and protect your site from DDoS attacks.

Periodic saving of site data

Thinking about how to ensure the protection of your site from bots, it does not hurt to use periodic saving of the online project. If the site is infected with a virus or it was hacked, the information of the web site can be restored and remove the vulnerabilities. Data preservation is carried out with the help of special plugins.

Contact GTRIX specialists and they will find the best solution to protect your website.

Secure connection

This is a connection via an SSL certificate. Using it, you can securely connect a web client to a server. Information is transferred in the form of a coded cipher.

Such certificates are provided free of charge. There are also cases when you will have to pay for a secure connection. This determines the importance of the data provided.

Password protection

Enable panel login for the administrator using 2-factor authentication. Also connect this system when logging in to social network accounts, e-mail.

A simple password to the admin panel allows a hacker to overcome the protection for any site. Ideally, it should include 12 digits, symbols and letters of different case. Change passwords periodically.

Why contact GTRIX web studio

If you don’t know how to protect your website from DDoS and how to secure the site from unauthorized persons, it’s time to sign up for a consultation with the experts at GTRIX web studio.

Programmers will help you create a strong password and save it in the Password Manager. They will also install the necessary security programs to protect your site.
Programmers of our web studio will carry out a whole range of measures that allow you to be confident in the integrity and safety of data. With us, ensuring the security of your site will help you avoid wasting money, as well as time to get back control of the online platform in your hands.

You can book an appointment with the experts through the phone manager on the website. Prices for the services of experienced professionals are moderate.

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