Increasing site loading speed

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Increasing site loading speed

For the average Internet user, the reduced speed of the site does not mean much. However, the search algorithm thus indicates that the web resource is in danger of not getting into the top ten sites in the search results.

Specialists say that even if the site perfectly meets the requirements of search engines, reduced page load speed has a detrimental effect on the search results. You can order a site from scratch with fast loading speed to our specialists.

Why does the loading speed of a web resource change?

The main factors that determine the loading speed of the site:

  • how clean the HTML code is and in what volume it is presented;
  • in what quality images are uploaded, their format;
  • whether there are video clips on the online service;
  • how many requests are received from the browser;
  • the amount of JavaScript, CSS;
  • how many plugins are installed;
  • the speed at which the hosting is running and where the server is located.

Any of these factors are fixable. The only question is how much time is required for this, and what material costs will be incurred by the site owner.

Acceptable loading speed of the online service

The speed level of a website is determined by visitor comfort and acceptability to search engines.

  1. If it takes a couple of seconds to load, the result is excellent.
  2. It takes 3 seconds to load. – Not bad.
  3. If the page takes 4 to 7 seconds to load, acceptable, but if it functions faster, it will be better.
  4. 8 to 10 seconds indicates that you can’t do without optimization.
  5. Longer than 11 sec. is considered critically long. The situation requires immediate correction.

For some online venues, such as large online stores, make an indulgence. Drawing content for 4-7 seconds is considered acceptable.

How to check the speed

To check the speed of a website, you can use certain tools. PageSpeed Insights shows detailed information regarding the loading of individual page elements. Also, its advantage is the compilation of a list of recommendations on how to change the key values for the better. The service is free of charge.

Pingdom Tools works in much the same way. But the application has a disadvantage – the servers located in Germany and the UK are strongly removed. Because of this, the results can be inaccurate. At the same time, the application is highly appreciated when you need optimization of sites abroad.

GTmetrix analyzes the speed of the site and saves the history of checks. This allows you to compare the speed in the current and previous periods. This makes it easier to determine which type of optimization is more effective for speed. Don’t forget that the servers are located in Canada.

WebPageTest performs the analysis focusing on the simulation of a specific geolocation. To get the correct results, the check is performed three times. Error is practically excluded.

Увеличение скорости загрузки сайта

How to improve your site’s loading speed

If the test shows a reduced site speed, then you need to change the ranking values. GTRIX Web Studio does not recommend applying these or those actions at random. All subsequent changes should be based on a thorough analysis.

Technical optimization

To improve the loading speed of the site, the first thing to do is to pay attention to the server part. It is important to configure Nginx and Apache, work with hosting, use CDN to download JavaScript-library.

GTRIX web studio specialists have been convinced many times that the optimization of the site does not bring results. So the weak point is the server.

Setting up the database

If the creation of sites in Ukraine was supposed to work with a large project, with a greater likelihood was used server, where there are large amounts of traffic. To ensure that the system worked properly, the programmer should take the time to customize the TCP. Also the transition to the updated NTTR/2 format has a beneficial effect on performance.

Periodic updates of network subsystems play an important role in increasing the speed of loading the site. They are updated every time Linux is released.

Reducing the number of redirects

It is normal practice to use redirects on a web resource. Abuse of them leads to bad results. Redirects have a negative impact on loading speed.

If redirects become a lot, it is recommended to remove them. The Screaming Frog utility will help in their quick detection.

Optimization of asynchronous loading

In the past, HTML4 used to load site elements one by one. This took a lot of time. With the advent of HTML5, the situation has changed, thanks to asynchronous loading. This is one of the effective ways to increase the loading speed of a website.

JavaScript can be loaded last. This helps to avoid slowing down the appearance of elements on the page. Modern turnkey website ordering involves working with HTML5.

Removing plugins and changing the page size

A lot of plugins provoke the appearance of “junk” code that slows down the loading of the online service. Leave only necessary plugins and extensions.

The size of the web resource depends on the cleanliness of the code, the application of styles, photos and videos, blocks for advertising, selected fonts. Optimizing the loading speed for the site involves changing the code and cleaning the content. It is better to focus on the loading of each individual page, perhaps some do not require improvement.

Compressing images

Optimizing the loading speed of a website involves avoiding 4K images and photos longer than 1600 pixels. Sometimes you can’t do without compressing images.

If you do not know how to cope with the problem of long loading time, this service can be ordered by us. We work in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. The price of the service is determined, depending on the complexity of the urgency of the work.

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