The cost of developing an online store

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Starting to develop your online store
The cost of developing an online store

How much does the turnkey Internet store cost depends on many factors, including the professionalism of the developers. Freelancers without experience are willing to take the job cheap. But the minimal functionality, the design you have already seen on other sites, and slowly loading pages will not attract real customers.

People who are seriously engaged in business, advise not to save on the creation of a trading web site. Only a well-designed website with a user-friendly interface, professionally made administrative panel, exclusive design can promote goods, give the company a good reputation and expand the impact of the brand on the market.

How much does it cost to make a store in Ukraine, depends on the status of the web-studio and the qualifications of the staff. The price varies from $2,000 to $50,000. Wishing to save money on creating a trading platform, the experts do not advise to refuse the competent functionality.

Why a website from scratch is more suitable for a business

Online sales are based on special management systems. Simple ones, with minimal features and no technical support, are free. Paid options are more adapted for trading platforms, but still do not cope with the solution of all business tasks.

That is why it is recommended to order the creation of an online store from professionals from scratch. What are the advantages of this option for the customer?

  • Adding the required number of sections and blocks to the online service.
  • Translation into several languages.
  • Connection of applications for the promotion of a web resource.
  • Visual design of the platform according to modern trends, taking into account the business activities of the customer.
  • Providing instant search and purchase of products, filtering by characteristics.

A resource that is unlike any other attracts the attention of visitors, leaves competitors behind and encourages customers to buy the product.

How much does it cost to develop an online store in a custom format? From 2 thousand dollars.

A team of professionals with specialized knowledge is involved in the work. This is especially true for large-scale businesses that do not want to stop there. The goal of such customers is to master the Internet and significantly increase profits.

Structural elements and functionality of the developing site

The developer of the online trading platform should think through a menu with categories, sections and sub-items, which will display lucrative promotional offers, sales, new and popular products. Be sure to include sections on shipping, methods of payment for the product, shopping cart and account registration.

Special attention should be paid to the blog. It contains useful articles with recommendations, video reviews and other interesting content. Some trading site owners overlook the blog. But statistics show that it is the blog that attracts visitors and causes trust.

What sections are needed, it depends on the range of products and tasks set by the entrepreneur. How much it costs to create an online store, determine the functionality. Without this it is difficult to imagine a fast running web resource.

The sufficient number of functions provides a quick search for the product and the registration of the order. Caring for the visitor can’t be cheap.

How to determine the price of online store

How much it costs to create an online store in Ukraine in 2022, determine the technical details of the project and its design.

  • How much it costs for hosting and domain.
  • The type of management system to use if the web resource is not created from scratch.
  • Design by template or exclusive.
  • The number of language versions.
  • Features of the layout.
  • Software tools, codes and testing.
  • Also, investments require content writing, design of texts and photos on the site and further promotion of the site.

How much does it cost to develop an effective online store, the correctness of the TOR is important. The terms of reference take into account possible risks. That’s why even before the start of work on the site specialist communicates with the client, finds out what results he wants to achieve, fixes the requirements and wishes, defines the features of the project.

Experts of web-studio “GTRIX STUDIO” know firsthand how much a good online store costs in Ukraine. Each software product is designed in a corporate style. The designer will choose the colors of the platform, based on the company logo, fonts, original buttons, unusual transitions, animations and dropdowns.

How much it costs to make a successful online store, will prompt the manager on the phone, listed on the website studio.

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