CMS or in-house development: choosing a platform for a website

CMS or in-house development: choosing a platform for a website

There are popular CMS on the Internet, on which you can create different types of sites. There are cheap template sites. With the help of others, you can develop projects with a unique design. From the fact that you choose a CMS platform or your own development, in the future depends on the cost of promotion of online services.

Order the development of sites in Ukraine offer experts web studio GTRIX. Online resource, which will get the client, will meet the requirements of the customer and will be able to attract more new customers.

How to choose a CMS platform

First of all, it is necessary to determine the budget. After all, different types of platforms request different amounts for use. It is also important to understand what task you need to solve with the help of the site. If we are talking about an online store, you will need a platform for the site, where you can use e-commerce and there are gateways that allow you to connect online payment. For example, WordPress has such a thing.

CMS for the site is chosen based on the technical requirements of the service compiled by the specialist. In most cases, OS compatibility, work with hosting and data is required. In order to change the settings are welcomed flexible SEO optimization.

The easier it is to use the platform, the easier it is to design and develop an online resource. This is why many people choose to create a website on WordPress. Here there are plugins, thanks to which you can quickly develop a site with an actual design. An important role is played by an intuitive interface.

If the site is flexible and expandable, the programmer adds features and expands the service if necessary. The administrative panel should be well protected from hacking.

Specialists should be able to adapt the site to the screen sizes of different gadgets. Prolonged loading of the project pages is unacceptable. To output and process information promptly, it is better to choose a platform with caching.

Emerging issues with the site can be solved with competent specialists from technical support, well established communication with the team is important. In our experience, web studio GTRIX has made sure: excellent technical support is offered by the platform Vordpress.

For every entrepreneur, a day of downtime can turn into a loss of income. Technical support for the developed platform is constantly in touch and helps to quickly solve various issues.

Выбор платформы CMS для сайта

Creating a project in free systems

Free use of popular platforms Drupal, OpenCart, ModX is not safe. Open source code allows you to break systems and spread viruses.
A virus in an online service can be found not immediately. This is fraught with the fact that in the ranking of search engines, the site can go down. Hosting provider will notify about the exorbitant load and sending a large number of mail messages. To get rid of errors, you will have to clean infected files. This is an additional cost of hiring programmers.

Free platforms are equipped with SEO modules, but with their help you can not solve optimization problems. Also, they are difficult to install, administration requires special skills and knowledge. The capabilities of platforms on a free basis are limited by the fact that they do not allow you to finalize the online resource.
There are deficiencies in the speed of downloading. No wonder, because the database is excessively large and not optimized. In the modules there is a confusion in the program code. Because of this, the load on hosting increases, the site works slowly.

Free CMS platforms are performed by programmers who do not want to delve heavily into the features of the programs. For this reason, program redundancy is created. A large variety of modules are offered, of which 50% are functioning. Develop such a site is extremely difficult.

Experienced professionals believe: it is better to choose the creation of sites in Kiev on a quality engine, than a long time to understand the old and alien code, which finalized many times. After all, in the end to finalize the project on a free platform is more expensive than on paid, but good.

WordPress – a convenient platform for developing a website

One of the convenient CMS platforms for developing an online project is called WordPress. Initially, a free version is provided. If you need advanced features and functions, a lot of plugins, you will have to pay extra, but it is worth it.

Thanks to plugins, the programmer can edit the template, adjust the layout of pages and the display of widgets. To find a plugin, the system suggests using the search in the control panel.

WordPress is a good choice of CMS for a website because of these advantages:

well-established administrative panel, you can learn it completely in a couple of hours;

  • a large number of templates;
  • the system is constantly updated;
  • there is a Gutenberg editor;
  • excellent database;
  • the system offers additional extensions;
  • modification of the template code is available to the developer.

Adding content is done through the visual editor. To replace the style, format and redesign the structure of the online service, it is enough to adjust the code in the template. If you need to formalize the texts, the corresponding plugins are installed.

The development of a website on WordPress involves further promotion of the created full-fledged project. Why else the platform is in the category of popular and best platforms – the platform is not considered labor-intensive. It can be installed on a regular hosting, where the settings are basic.

Specialists of the web studio GTRIX know how to make the service pages load quickly. This applies to search engines as well. Experts use the necessary WordPress plugins and are engaged in content optimization.

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