Tasks and goals of the corporate website

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Tasks and goals of the corporate website

A corporate website is a representation of the company on the Internet. In fact, this resource is not just the “face” of the company, but also a bright “showcase”. Internet site is a proven channel of sales, allows you to increase brand awareness and run an effective advertising campaign.

The importance of the corporate website

The tasks of the corporate website:

  • expanding the customer base;
  • support of communication with partners and sponsors;
  • distribution of products on the Internet;
  • help and advice in a remote format;
  • raising the rating of the enterprise;
  • a platform for secure communication with customers;
  • providing access to product information for customers and partners;
  • availability of the company’s representative office 24 hours a day;
  • an efficient corporate website allows you to track statistics;
  • an excellent online advertising platform for the company;
  • another purpose of the corporate website – to expand the scale of the firm and to enter the international market with its goods;
  • increase in sales and profits;
  • reducing the burden on the office staff of the firm.

The features of the corporate website, distinguishing it from the business site, include the presence of tools for content processing. Web resource can be equipped with elements of automation. Thanks to them, you can manage trading processes, resources, communicate with customers and even learn accounting.

To establish feedback with customers on the portal it is appropriate to put polls and forums. A web project allows you to inform users about advantageous promotions with a mass mailing.

Setting goals and preparing terms of reference

The creation of a corporate website in Kyiv begins with the formation of the goal. Questions that are important to answer.

  • What is a corporate service for?
  • How to attract more users?
  • How to increase income with the help of an online service?

Technical task – a list of tasks that must be solved by the performer of web resource. In accordance with the ToR, first the specialist proceeds to determine the target audience. It is important to understand what kind of data the visitor came to the site and what his expectations are. Thanks to the analysis of competitors, it is possible to identify the benefits of the customer’s company, to reflect them on the site.

How the budget for the software product is formed?

Website development in Kyiv is based on the budget that the client can afford to implement the project. After all, the structure of the resource is different, depending on the number of pages, categories and sections.

For each stage of the software product is responsible for a specialist. If the work must be carried out urgently, several experts are involved at once. The more complex a project, the more resources are needed to complete it. Therefore, such a web service can not cost cheap.

Most customers prefer to order a corporate website in Kyiv with SEO promotion, including the collection of the semantic core and clustering. The team of web studio specialists in Ukraine has enough experience and knowledge to create a fast-working website with complex functionality.

To keep in touch with customers, the website should be adapted for mobile devices. It is equally important that the resource is fast to load.

The online service will have to withstand critical loads. It is unacceptable for the page to give an error. If the client does not have time to reload the service, there is a high probability of losing the customer.

Corporate style

The design of Internet sites corresponds to the specific direction of the business. Traditionally, the corporate web resource has a minimalistic design. If a firm sells expensive fur coats, they add a tool of luxury. Travel companies focus visitors’ attention on high-quality photos related to recreation.

In the development of web sites in Kyiv is possible to create a brand book, which specifies in detail the elements of corporate identity. Designers choose the main 3-4 shades for the resource and the creation of advertising.

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