Red Roof
Ukraine, Kyiv
Red Roof is a company specializing in providing quality office space for rent. Their mission is to offer clients comfortable, modern and functional offices that meet the highest quality standards.
Hive Zero
UAE, Dubai
Hive Zero is a leading fintech and web 3 consulting company headquartered in Dubai. Their mission is to demystify fintech by offering personalized solutions for business success.
USA, Los Angeles
Refresh is a professional cleaning company that specializes in providing a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services.
Bla-Bla School
Poland, Warsaw
BLA-BLA SCHOOL is not only a Polish, English and German language school in Warsaw, for adults and children, it is a base for newcomers, where you can get all the services and advice for immigrants. Housing, work, studies, excursions, legalization, starting a business, even the services of a psychologist and interpreter, so that everyone can feel at home!
USA, Los Angeles
Synstars has been helping companies with advertising in the market for several years now. They operate worldwide but are most prevalent in the US. Synstars specializes in display and performance advertising. Synstars specialists have priority access to alpha and beta testing of new types of campaigns, audience solutions, strategies and creatives.
Ukrainian studio for creating illustrations, website design, music and soundtracks, animated stickers, packaging, logos and branding. Received worldwide awards for several projects.
GastroCity is a medical gastroenterological dispensary engaged in the professional treatment of all stomach diseases in adults and children. The clinic has been in existence for over 20 years and saves the lives of hundreds of people every day.
The manufacturing company provides services for the development of furniture design with 3D visualization, the design of furniture sets for rooms with a non-standard layout.